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King's College Job Description Site

King's College Job Description Site


King's College Job Description Information

This site houses all staff and administrative job descriptions for positions at King's College.

All job descriptions are stored in alphabetical order, based on department name.

Please note: Only direct supervisors have access to review/change/update a job description on this site. Employees do not have access to the job description for the position they are currently in.

In order to access job descriptions please remember to click on

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 Content Editor

Non-Exempt Job Descriptions

Please note that changes need to be made to all Non-Exempt Job Descriptions.


In order to continue with the technological growth and prosperity that King’s College has seen in recent years,  all non-exempt college job descriptions need to be updated. These minor changes reflect the most basic computer skill applications necessary to maintain effective and efficient communication as a part of the King’s College Community. Many positions already utilize these areas of technology, however all non-exempt job descriptions will need to be updated accordingly.

As a supervisor please reflect on the needs of the positions within your department and update job descriptions appropriately. These statements can be added to the Essential Elements of the job description.

1. Appropriate use and management of a personal King’s College email account.

(All non exempt grade levels 22-30)

2. Use and management of a personal King’s College Web Advisor account.

(All non exempt grade levels 22-30)

3. Proficient and professional use of the college's telephone system.

(All non exempt grade levels 25-30 excluding Maintenance/Facilities)

4. Basic Microsoft Office Utilization, (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint).

(All non exempt grade levels 26-30, excluding Maintenance/Facilities)

5. Thorough Microsoft Utilization, (including; Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, FrontPage, & Publisher).

 (All non exempt grade levels 27-30, excluding Maintenance/Facilities)


In addition, when setting objectives and goals for the coming year, please note that King’s College encourages professional growth and development in many ways. First by the use of the Tuition Remission benefit which may be available to the employee. Next by offering a series of training/educational sessions through the IITS Academic Instructional Technology Departments. Finally by encouraging and nurturing cross training of position duties both within your current department and as support throughout the college.  We would like to encourage all staff to remember these opportunities when setting goals for the upcoming year.



Annual Performance Appraisal Information is not available at this time.

 Notifications will be sent out when this information becomes avaiable.

Please contact the Human Resources Office with any questions or for additional information.